SUUNTO “Spartan” – freezing action in bright sunlight


For the next generation of multisport watches I was approached by Suunto to collaborate on the initiative image campaign of their new product Suunto „Spartan“.

The campaign intended to be as innovative and creative as the product itself and therefore Suunto came up with the idea to do a double exposure concept.


Hearing the idea got me really excited and I was happy to help working out and planning the photo production. Picking the right location, selection of models, planning of body positions, light setups and postproduction workflow kept us busy until the actual shoot.Suunto_Spartan_Running_man copy

When we arrived on Teneriffa we invested 2 full days for intense location scout and exploring the Island almost 100%. At night we set together to evaluate locations and make our final picks.

SUUNTO "Spartan" captured by Markus Berger

In general the goal was to get epic landscape images with an athlete small in the picture. Showing the loneliness that training can confront you with when you go out at crazy times or difficult tracks. At the same time the landscape should represent the beauty of the moment and inspirational environment.

We were shooting with a small team of 4 people to be able to move fast and get several locations and sports done within shorter time. Together we had 4 days of shooting and an additional day in the studio to create the scribbled key visual shots to combine with the action.

For moving that much and changing setups constantly the broncolor Move system offered the best option for me regarding light equipment. No distractions but being able to focus on taking images. The flash duration at high power settings enabled me to freeze action in bright sunlight which otherwise would have been a huge challenge.

Finally seeing the images coming out and being received so well makes me very proud. In general for me to see a fragile idea grow and turn into something big is the most beautiful thing about this job. Just because one believer can be enough to make a difference.

Making Of Images

SUUNTO "Spartan" captured by Markus Berger

About Markus Berger
I am a photographer from Austria specialized in action sports and commercial Photography. I have a sports freestyle background and like to bring that into photography. I strive to capture images that are creative but at the same time authentic and true. I like to embrace my inner child and take every shoot as new exciting challenge.


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